Who is STA? 

Pronounced: [STAY-gen-see]

Founded by Spencer Talbott 

Spencer Talbott Agency known as STA Real Estate 

A Real Estate agency focused on the latest technology, while adapting lifestyle and creative outlets with respect to our ever-evolving industry. Structured to represent all facets of Real Estate, we do so in an authentic,  yet out-of-the-box manner - all while maintaining the highest level of professionalism & dignity for our industry, our clients, and our company...as well as the cities & neighborhoods we represent.

STA: Higher STAndards.  



The Spencer Talbott Agency is beyond a FULL SERVICE real estate brokerage – it is a lifestyle company that chooses to be an integral part of area outreach & advocacy. It's with that in mind that we only seek to hire the agents who bring more than sales skills to our firm. Our brand and are efforts are grounded in St. Louis ambassadorship, offering our clients a unique and genuine experience where transactions turn into relationships. 

Our marketing plan involves unique partnerships at a local and global level in the efforts that we will reach a broader audience. With the rapid advancement of technology and social media platforms, there is no longer a great advantage through major franchises. Through cutting edge technology, event marketing, the integration and development of content, social media outreach, direct-to-consumer advertising, and shared media strategy, we offer a strong brand presence and awareness for our industry, our clients and the cities in which we dwell & represent.

We also believe we have a fundamental responsibility to give back to our community as a positive and productive force – both locally and globally. We partner with numerous non-profits and strive to use our expertise and our relationships to build press access in order to make a positive impact in our communities. We're proud to know that on any given Saturday, you may find members of our talent offering their skills in Habitat/ReBuild communities, Community Garden/restoration efforts, Food Outreach, and so much more. 

Mission Statement

“STA fosters an ambassador culture of partnership in which all agents, clients and listings are represented in a creative, & authentic manner.  We are focused on a “Technology-Forward” environment, without the loss of personal service by all of our agents, thereby ensuring our clients & company have the competitive edge.” 

 “Leveraging the most emergent technologies and social media strategies, STA envisions itself as more than just a real estate brokerage; it is a lifestyle company committed to providing professional and knowledgeable representatives and partners, as well as being ambassadors for our communities through informing and connecting with our allies on a

national & global level.”

-Spencer Talbott, Founder | Broker 

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