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STAgency is a collection of passionate professionals, serving as LOCAL ambassadors to our region. Our number one goal is to best serve our clients through the eyes that only a LOCAL company can. Because, just like you.....we're residents first. Not only do we know houses...we're immersed in the communities we represent. Hailing from every corner of our region we not only "KNOW" our city...we know our suburbs, our rural areas, our business and our local culture. Downtown, or around town...this IS OUR TOWN. Professionally, personally, passionately...with STAgency, you have an ally on your side. Whether you're seeking your first home, your forever home or an investment property, our highly skilled associates are experienced, knowledgeable, we're high- tech and high-touch

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"Christa goes above and beyond for her clients and by the time we found the property we wanted she was and still is a friend! I had a question 3 months after I bought the property and she was right there helping me out." 
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